The University of Plymouth ALUMNI Exhibition 2019

I was honoured to have my work selected for this years Alumni exhibition at the University of Plymouth 2019. My experimental cyanotype concrete triptych called ‘A Palestinian View of Jerusalem’ that took me over three months to complete was featured alongside other great alumni artists. It was the first time that it had been in such an amazing gallery context at the Roland Levinsky Gallery. I also had my five minute film ‘Art of Failure’running alongside the piece showing the frustrations in the chemical and concrete experiments that eventually became a success. That piece showed me the importance of collaboration with other artists namely Noel Brennan who became a good friend during the process of sculpture and photochemistry.

Art of Failure film running alongside the triptych on concrete at the Roland Levinsky Gallery

Art of Failure film running alongside the triptych on concrete at the Roland Levinsky Gallery

'A Touch of Chemistry' Installation Exhibition Devonport Guild Hall June 10 - June 29

‘A Touch of Chemistry’ is a solo show of my latest work which is on exhibition @dguildhall 10 June - 29 June. 

This installation revisits my photographs as I have reinterpreted them to create a contemporary visual narrative. My mixed media technique goes beyond the boundaries and limitations of traditional photography. Each piece is unique using historical chemistry processes, printed onto silk forming an installation about my past. The synthesis of the old and new reimagines photographic processes for a contemporary audience. 

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By researching the significance of colour in early religious art I have been able to incorporate these codes into my art installation about the Holy Land. The cyanotypes on paper vellum are photographs that I have taken in post-conflict Gaza and show the suffering, poverty and damage to infrastructure caused after a war in the worlds largest open prison. 

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